The Thanksgiving All 90’s-80’s “Resurrection!” Playlist Starts Wednesday At Noon!

Well X fans, here we go. Are you ready for the turkey, taters, pies, sweet potatoes, naps, farts, and family arguments?? Ha! Yes, well, we are excited to announce our annual Thanksgiving ‘Blackout Wednesday-Thanksgiving-Black Friday’ Resurrection Playlist! The all 90’s and 80’s shuffled playlist begins Wednesday, at Noon, and rolls until Midnight this Friday night! Loads of Grunge, Metal, Alternative, One Hit Wonders, New Wave, Ska, Punk, you name it, it’s all on shuffle this week! So, let us know your requests, and let us be your soundtrack for the Thanksgiving Holiday! We “Thank you” every day for supporting us here on the X, have a tremendous Thanksgiving week, let’s Rock!