Seether Storm Back With New Single, “Judas Mind”, Prep New Album!

X Rockers! Ready for new SEETHER?? Shaun Morgan and the band have played the River City multiple times with us, and each time, it was an outstanding show, full of swagger, attitude, great harmonies, and straight ahead Rock, penetrating your mind. Seether is back in 2024, with five gold and platinum albums in tow, and loads of big songs in their catalog. The band is set to release their ninth studio album, ‘The Surface Seems So Far’, set for release later this year. The band has just unleashed their first single as well, the angst ridden banger, “Judas Mind.” Shaun Morgan said the following about the new album-

“The album definitely leans heavier than some of the previous ones,” notes Morgan, who says he chose from roughly 21 songs with input from the rest of the band, which includes bassist Dale Stewart, drummer John Humphrey, and guitarist Corey Lowery. “I think this is the first album we’ve done that doesn’t have an acoustic song, which I didn’t realize until we’d finished. I was shocked.” Let’s Rock some new Seether, X Fans!