Get Your Nickelback-Jelly Roll Tickets For Tailgate N’ Tallboys Performance June 17th, Win Tickets With Bahan On The Morning X!

X Rockers! Ready for Tailgate N’ Tallboys in June?? Here at the X, we’re pumped for the Saturday June 17th performance of platinum Rockers NICKELBACK, with sizzling hot new Country Rocker JELLY ROLL at the Tailgate N’ Tallboys Festival, set for Saturday June 17th! Listen up with Morning X Rocker Matt Bahan this week and next (May 15th thru May 26th), for your chance to win tickets in the 8am “Listen And Win!” Matt has all of the details and will get you set for this awesome weekend of music! Don’t miss NICKELBACK and JELLY ROLL on Saturday June 17th at the Interstate Center in Bloomington! Want to buy tickets?? We have a special discount link below for you X Rockers! Click the link below and get your tickets! The X will be on the grounds Rockin’ with you! We have Rock bands at Tailgate N’ Tallboys this year, with USA Concerts and Events, see you there!