Nashville Artist Jelly Roll Hits Number One On The Rock Chart With “Dead Man Walking”

So, X fans, the phrase has been around for fifty years, “Does it play in Peoria??” There is a reason that phrase exists. Peoria folks are a great “test” market, and we are honest, straight forward, and will give you our opinion at the drop of a hat. So, when it comes to Rock N’ Roll, and new artists busting on the scene, I think we have an outstanding gauge of honesty and know a great thing when we see it, and hear it. Case in point, Nashville artist Jelly Roll. Many of you Peoria fans have been telling us about him the last year, you are simply digging the dude Well, this week, his song, “Dead Man Walking” hit Number One on the Rock chart, a huge accomplishment! The song has been building for some time, and you Peoria Rock fans have certainly loved it. He has been working his way up the music ladder for some time, as a singer/songwriter/rapper, and Rocker. A product of Nashville and ‘Music Row’, this guy does it his way, and only his way. In the last two years, he has exploded on YouTube with his song “Save Me”, which had more than 56 million views. He has morphed his sound and lyrics towards Rock, and even Country, while blended into his own unique sound. So….”Congrats Dude!” Great to see new artists doing well in the world of Rock!