Stone Temple Pilots Tease New Singer Plans

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Two of the original surviving members of Stone Temple Pilots, Robert and Dean DeLeo, were both on a Los Angeles Rock radio station this past Friday, discussing the future of the band. The interview was with our sister station, KLOS, and host Steve Jones, and his “Jonesy’s Jukebox.” The guys were asked by Jonesy of the their plans to continue, and their new lead singer auditions and plans.

“It’s top secret right now, but we’re working on it”, said Robert DeLeo. His Brother Dean added, “It’s looking good, man. New music. And it won’t be too long before we shave the cat, as Robert says.” Not sure what that means, but it likely means that STP is going to unleash their new singer plans, and hopefully new music comes with it. No band has dealt with so many issues and tragedies as STP. Scott Weiland, while being one of the very best front men of all time, was riddled with drug addiction and internal personal problems for over 25 years. His exit from the band was more out of helplessness than anything. His sudden death of an overdose of drugs and alcohol was a tragic end to an amazing career. The brief reign of Chester Bennington in the band now looks a bit odd, but the band and Chester were very close, and his exit was due to the heavy work load with Linkin Park. His death from suicide this year also hit the band very hard.

We are rooting for STP, here’s to their future, and new music in 2018!