Falling In Reverse Team Up With Jelly Roll For “All My Life”

X Rockers, ready for some fun Metal and Country themed collaborations? Well, leave it up to Falling In Reverse front man Ronnie Radke to do this very thing, as his new song titled “All My Life”, features the Country-Rock singer Jelly Roll, and the results are intense and fun. Part of the fun of this new song is the music video, which features Radke flying on a Pegasus winged horse into a small country town from the 1800’s, with Jelly Roll sitting in jail.

Plenty of craziness ensues in the video, but between the metal thrash and dancey beats and a country vibe, the song certainly delivers a power punch. The lyrics for the song detail both of the singers challenges and struggles in life, but it’s the sing along chorus, and a hooky “YooHoo!” that makes this song instantly catchy. The song will be on the new album from FIR, titled ‘Popular Monsters.’ Check out the video below! Time to tee up an anthem for Summer, Peoria X Rockers!