Bahan’s ‘Pick Of The Week’, HARDY “Rockstar”

X Rockers, Bahan here, and as you are fully aware, the official first day of ‘Summer1’ is approaching fast. Every year around this time, we typically hear a song that defines the attitude and swagger of Peoria and our Summertime vibe. There a couple of solid new songs that fit this vibe perfectly, one of them is the latest offering from HARDY, and his song “Rockstar.” HARDY has performed here in Peoria quite a bit over the last few years, and he just had a sold out show at the Civic Center back in December. He’s always blurred the edges between Country and his Rock roots, but his new album is titled ‘Rockstar’, and the title track is burning up and certainly catching attention. The song is instantly catchy, with a sing along chorus, fun lyrics, and the video below is epic, seeing Hardy dress up like KISS, The Beatles, Nirvana, AC/DC, Queen, and Limp Bizkit. He’s having fun, and we are too! Let’s Rock!