The Offspring Unleash A New Song, “Make It All Right”, Prep New Album!

X Rockers in Peoria, ready for some more amazing news in the world of Rock? We are geeked here at the X as Punk Rock Icons The Offspring have released a new song, “Make It All Right”, and have also announced a new album, ‘Supercharged’, out on October 11th! These guys have been at it for decades, sold over 45 million albums, and have been a mainstay of Alternative and Punk Rock, and are getting better with age. Front man Dexter Holland said the following about the new album-

 “We wanted this record to have pure energy – from the start to the finish! That’s why we called it SUPERCHARGED. From the height of our aspirations to the depths of our struggles, we talk about it all on this record…in a way that celebrates the life that we share and where we are now. Our single “Make It All Right” is a great example of this because it talks about the people in our lives who make us feel strong when we are feeling low – our partners in crime who make us feel all right. The album was recorded in three different locations this time around: Maui, Vancouver, and our home studio in Huntington Beach, and together with our producer Bob Rock everything came out awesome. I feel like this is the best we have ever sounded! We’ve been rocking out and headbanging to it for months! And we can’t wait for you guys to hear it!”