Foo Fighters Release Epic Ten Minute Song From The New Album, ‘The Teacher’

Peoria X Rockers! Ready for new Foo Fighters this week? We sure are, and we are going to be celebrating all things Foo Fighters here on the X, as we spin a new song from the new album ‘But Here We Are’, at the top of every hour this Friday, June 2nd, from 9am thru 11pm! This month and week, the band has been very busy, as they release new songs, one by one, from the new album. This past Tuesday, the band released the 4th song-the ten minute, emotional and personal epic, “The Teacher.” There is a short film to accompany it as well. This song is outstanding, and takes you on an emotional ride. Check it out below! New Foo Fighters awaits us, as the band hits the road and plays loads of festivals this Summer, with new drummer Josh Freese. Great to have them back.