New Rocker Ayron Jones Lands At Number One On Rock Chart!

Photo Credit: Karen Mason Blair. Photo approved and provided by Big Machine Label Group.


I love it when new Rock artists that we love here in the River City of Peoria explode onto the Rock scene, and land at number one on the chart. This is the case with new Rocker Ayron Jones, and his latest single, “Mercy.” Ayron, as many of you X Peoria fans know, hails from Seattle, a city rich in their history of amazing Rock artists. Ayron has his new album, and the first two single you’ve heard here on the X. I love his blend of blues and straight forward Rock. This is a huge accomplishment to reach number one on the Rock chart. Congrats to Ayron and his band! And yes, we would love to get him in the River City for a show very soon!