New Rocker Zero 9:36 Dazzles With New EP And Single “Adrenaline”

Photo Credit: Ashley Osborn. Photo provided and approved by Atlantic Records/ATCO Records/Elektra Records


So, here on the X, we’ve been enjoying loads of new Rock coming at us here in the River City since the kickoff of 2021. You know what they say, “If It plays in Peoria…it will play everywhere!” Right??  One of these new artists is Philadelphia native Zero 9:36. His new EP has been released, titled ‘If You Don’t Save Yourself’, and his new single “Adrenaline” is being heard right here on the X. Zero 9:36 has exploded on the music scene nationally, with 15 million total streams, a very impressive feat to say the least. And this was before his new EP was released!  That’s amazing enthusiasm for a new artist. Zero 9:36 blends Alternative, Rock, and Hip-Hop into one raw sound that his uniquely his own. Exciting times here on the X! We are stoked to have such a strong base of new artists coming at us in 2021. And yes, perhaps someday down the road, we will get you a show to formally introduce his music to Peoria. Let’s Rock!