Seattle Buzz Rocker Ayron Jones Debuts On The X!

Photo Credit: Karen Mason Blair. Photo provided and approved by Big Machine Label Group


Are you ready for Ayron Jones, Peoria and Central Illinois? This Seattle born and bred Rocker has been making a name for himself for sometime in his hometown, but now, he has been unleashed to the masses, and the end result is down right powerful and awesome for your ears! His songwriting is unique, and he seems to be taking his cues from that amazing musical hometown city. Of course, when you think Seattle, you immediately think Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, and Soundgarden. There is certainly elements of that sound in his music. He also channels the inspiration and vibe from Jimi Hendrix as well, another Seattle legend. His sound is nostalgic, but current, and is gritty, and downright just kick-ass. He certainly has woven his own thing, it’s very evident.  For you Peoria Rockers, you always seem to appreciate solid, straight ahead Rock and Roll, and Ayron Jones is carving out his unique sound for sure. The new single is titled “Take Me Away”, and you can hear it loud and proud here on the X! We love to tee up that new Rock for you!