Corey Taylor Drops New Solo Single, “Black Eyes Blue”

Photo provided by and approved by Matt Bahan

Well, here we go! Here at the X and in Peoria in general, we absolutely love Corey Taylor. The dude is one of the most talented and charismatic dudes maybe ever, and his talent fronting not only Slipknot, but also Stonesour has been nothing but amazing to watch over the years. As you may know, Corey and Stonesour have played and headlined TWO of our SPRING FLING Festivals, and he also came in, by himself, and played our Tornado Relief show, “Radio For Relief”, way back in 2013 during the tragic tornado that hit Washington and Pekin. Yep, he played for free, and helped us raise money for those in need. Corey is one of a kind!

So, fast forward to 2020. Corey has just dropped his first solo single, titled “Black Eyes Blue.” It’s from his forthcoming solo album, “CMFT”, and from the sounds of it, it’s solid as hell. Exciting times for you Corey fans out there! So, listen up here on the X, as we tee up this new single! You excited for solo Corey Taylor??