Bela Wants To Help Your Local Business!

Photo Provided and Approved By Bela McKnight

Local Rockers!  Crazy times upon us and trying times for local families and our local business owners. All of us at the X love our local community as you alone make us successful. We want to return the favor by promoting your business and events. Catch me each night 7-midnite providing the rock for Central IL. Quite a few 2nd and 3rd shifters crank up the X each night which allows a perfect target for your business!  Plus, we feature tons of NEW ROCK each night from the likes of Metallica, Bad Wolves, Three Days Grace, etc..   another advantage of advertising with Bela on Nights!

Send me your information to my e-mail address:  or chime in on our Facebook fan page, Twitter, etc…

What better way to home-grow your livelihood as we crank the rock together!

You can also leave messages at 309-669-1220!

Thank you, and let’s Rock!