Bahan Debuts New Chris Cornell Cover Of “Patience” On The Morning X

Photo provided and approved by Matt Bahan

We’ve had one amazing new song after another coming at us in recent days. Last week, we had new Metallica with the release of “All Within My Hands”, from their S&M2 release set for August. And then on Friday, new buzz band, Badflower, released their new single “30.” So, today, a new single from the late Chris Cornell. Back in 2016, he was in a studio in Los Angeles with his Daughter messing around, and he decided to do record a cover version of the Guns N’ Roses classic, “Patience.” His Daughter is a big fan, so, Chris decided to record it for fun. Now, four years later, and after his tragic loss, the song remains. Today, we unleash it here on the Morning X. Haunting, with those amazing Cornell vocals. Another exclusive, here, on the X! How bad do you miss Chris Cornell?