Five Finger Death Punch Release Eerie Video For “A Little Bit Off”

Photo Approved By Kirsten Krupps Photography + Design

Ivan Moody and our friends in Five Finger Death Punch have always wowed us with not only their live shows, but their music videos as well. The band has released their new album, and their new single, ” A Little Bit Off”, has now emerged on the X airwaves as one of our biggest Summer songs. The band recorded the song obviously before Covid-19, but the lyrics, and overall feel of the song fit with these challenging times. The band was set to film their new video some time ago for the single, but due to the pandemic, they were pretty limited on what they could do. However, nothing keeps these guys down! The band found a way to record the video, and they tell the story of just how they did it, while Ivan Moody walks the eerie, quiet streets of Las Vegas. Check out the video, it’s one for the ages. Great work boys!