PEARL JAM Postpone U.S. Tour Due To Coronavirus Concerns

pearl jam-Flickr-Tammy Lo

Pearl Jam are launching their new album, “Gigaton”, on March 27th, and the band is off to a roaring start with two new singles that we’ve cranked up loudly here at the X. While the band is excited to get on the road, and support the new album “Gigaton”, the continued worry of the Coronavirus has resulted in the band shutting down their Spring tour.  The band, as you all know, are from Seattle, where the spread of the Coronoavirus has been felt severely, with multiple cases and loss of life. Pearl Jam released the following statement:

“We’ve worked hard with all of our management and business associates to find other solutions or options but the levels of risk to our audience and their communities is simply too high for our comfort level”, said the band. They continued, “Add to that we also have a unique group of passionate fans who travel far and wide. We’ve always been humbled by this and respect their energies and devotion. However, in this case, travel is something to avoid.” They also expressed frustration over the Government response to the virus. “It certainly hasn’t helped that there’s been no clear messages from our government regarding people’s safety and our ability to work”, they continued, “Having no examples of our national health department’s ability to get ahead of this, we have no reason to believe that this will be under control in the coming weeks ahead.”

So, there you have it. Pearl Jam are shutting down for now, with  a hope that things will improve and the tour will continue and be back up and running hopefully later this year. We will keep you updated on this story, here at the X.