Five Finger Death Punch Release New Song, “Inside Out”, And New 2020 Album Plan!

Photo By Kirsten Krupps Photography + Design

Yep, these Dudes never sleep! Gotta love our boys in Five Finger Death Punch, who have to be the hardest working band in Rock and Metal. Today on the Morning X, I debuted the brand new song “Inside Out”, from Five Finger Death Punch. Another kick-ass Blazin’ cut from one of the world’s biggest bands. It’s core Five Finger! Great lyrics, attitude and swagger from Ivan Moody and the band. They are also unleashing one large scale tour plan for 2020 The band is releasing their long awaited 8th studio album “F8” on February 28th, and this is the lead single. As you all know, we are celebrating NUTCRACKER this Sunday, and FIVE FINGER is our headliner! Great to have new Five Finger, crank it up loudly on the X!