Bahan Debuts Mongolian Metal Rockers ‘THE HU’ On The Morning X!

Photo provided by 10th St. Entertainment

There are moments on the Morning X when I get really excited for new Rock artists. You may have noticed. Whether it was earlier this year with the Glorious Sons, and Badflower, or a few weeks back with London Rockers BONES UK, I am a total Rock nerd. This week, I debuted the new song from Mongolian Metal Rockers, THE HU. (Pronounced the “Who”, yes, like the legendary Classic Rockers). This band formed in 2016, and they blend Metal and guitars with traditional Mongolian instrumentation. The band is led by lead throat vocalist “Gala” (Galbadrakh Tssendbaatar). The band collaborated with Metal Rockers “From Ashes To New”, on the new single released in the U.S., titled “Yuve Yuve Yu.” I debuted the song this week on the Morning X. Love it! Pounding drums, heavy guitars, and the Mongolian throat styling that is certainly unique and different. The song is already garnering loads of attention. There is a new video for the song as well. The band has released their album ‘The Gereg’, in September of this year. SO….Peoria Rockers, are you ready for some Mongolian Throat Metal?? 🙂