Dave Grohl Reveals Plans For Next Foo Fighters Album At ‘Rock In Rio’

Flickr User Focka
Flickr User Focka

So, who’s ready for a new FOO FIGHTERS album soon?? Um, yeah, Dude, let’s Rock!

Dave Grohl revealed the Foo Fighters’ plans for a new album while performing live September 28th, as the Foo headlined the “Rock In Rio” Festival in Brazil. Dave revealed the following-“I don’t know when we’ll be back down here again, but we will. We go home next week and we start making a new Foo Fighters record. It’s good, it’s good.” You can check out the video of Dave here. So, it looks like the almighty FOO will be rolling into the studio soon, based on Dave’s comments here. This continues Grohl’s rabid approach of this band, as they have been cranking out new material consistently for years now. The band is reportedly going to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of their debut album as well.

The original Foo Fighters album, as you may know, was recorded with just Dave, playing all of the instruments, and providing all of the vocals. Hard to believe that album will be 25 years old! Bottom line, new Foo forthcoming in 2020! Woot!