Rumors Swirling That AC/DC Are Launching A New Album In 2019!

Flickr/ Vladimir

Well, the rumors are swirling everywhere. It looks like the Australian legends in AC/DC are prepping a new album, set for possible release this year. What? Yes, that is indeed good news! There has been photos of the band in Canada with Brian Johnson, Angus Young, Stevie Young, and Phil Rudd, outside a recording studio, which has led many to believe that the iconic band is set for new music. Also, just a few days ago, Brian Johnson was asked about the band reuniting and recording new music by the members of the band ‘Terrorizer’, who immediately released details to the media. The band Terrorizer released the following statement- “We ran into Brian Johnson from ACDC at the airport today after the flight home and we asked him about the rumors of him being on the new ACDC album and he said ‘Yes’ and that he is ‘Sick of denying it’. So that was a cool surprise ending to the tour.”

Other rumors are suggesting that this new album is a tribute to Malcom Young, and the band is resurrecting old riffs and songs that Malcom wrote over the last 40 plus years. That would be fitting, and would thrill the fans for sure. We will keep you up to speed here on the X! AC/DC, Baby!