Korn: Head Documentary ‘Loud Krazy Love’ Trailer [VIDEO]

Photo By Head


Showtime has released the trailer for Loud Krazy Love, the documentary about Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch.

I’ll admit this is a documentary that I’m really looking forward to seeing. I’ve always said one of my most difficult interviews with a band has been with Korn, I interviewed each member daily on week leading up to a ticket on sale date for a Peoria show. (This was a many number of years ago not the most recent show.) I’m not really sure why but it was just a hard interview, but Head was the one member of the band who was so easy to talk to and was the one saving grace in the whole interview week. I have always been intrigued on his ‘story’ ever since. You may even remember when he wrote a book, Save me From Myself, back in 2008.

Loud Krazy Love is similar I’m sure, it’s about Welch’s rise to fame, his struggles with addiction and his relationship with his daughter Jennea. The film premieres next Friday, December 14th, night at 10 p.m so be sure to set your DVR’s. Here’s the official trailer.

~Anna Kinkade