Bahan’s Second Pick Of The Week, Tim Montana “Devil You Know”

X Rockers, there are moments in music where you get wowed, stop in your place, and just sit back and listen. This was my reaction to new Rock artist Tim Montana, and his song “Devil You Know.” Tim has been doing music for some time. He has released independent albums, been a song writer, story teller, and has honed his craft in the world of Rock and music in general. Tim is from Kila, Montana, and his path has taken him from his home State to Nashville, Tennessee, where has grown into one of the most exciting new artists in music. You can credit everyone from David Letterman to Dave Grohl, and even Charlie Sheen as big fans. He’s worked with Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top. Tim was influenced by Grunge as a kid, loved Nirvana, but also dug in deep with Guns N’ Roses, Tool, multiple others, but it was the Seattle Grunge movement that got him. His sound is unique, you feel the frontier outdoors vibe, but then you feel the Rock, the Grunge swagger, and it’s all woven into one magical sound. Check it out, Tim Montana, X Rockers!