Join Bahan At Hammer’s In Bartonville Thursday For Another “Bahan Beer!” Party With Lil’ Beaver Brewery!

Hey X Rockers! Matt Bahan here, so, many of you have been asking where our first Lil’ Beaver Brewery “Bahan Beer” Event will be in 2023, and I’m happy to say that we are out this Thursday night at Hammer’s Bar And Restaurant, located at 103 Roosevelt St., Bartonville! The fun rolls from 6pm until 8pm! I’ll be out with our friends at Brewers Distributing and Lil’ Beaver Brewery as we unleash the Bahan “Boombastic!” Cream Ale, and the Bahan “Rock Your Peach Off!” Cream Ale! Enjoy the Beers, and I’ll have some X goodies for you as well! Let’s Rock 2023, see you at Hammer’s in Bartonville!