GHOST Unleashes New Version Of “Spillways” Featuring Joe Elliott Of Def Leppard, Here It First On The X!

Well, X Peoria Rock fans, this is pretty great! Tobias Forge and GHOST have unleashed a new version of their song “Spillways”, and they’ve added a legendary Rocker to sing on the song. So, Joe Elliott of Def Leppard has joined Tobias and GHOST, and the result is bad-ass! Listen up for the premiere of “Spillways” featuring Joe Elliott of Def Leppard! Joe Elliott had this to say-

“IMPERA was my favorite rock album of 2022… I found out along the way that Tobias is a bit of a fan of DL, so I guess it was inevitable we’d both find out about each other! Once we’d been introduced to the idea of working together it just snowballed organically and I’m thrilled that I got to sing on what is my favorite song from that album!”—Joe Elliott