Join Us For The Debut Of The ‘Bahan Beers!’ At Lil’ Beaver Brewery This Saturday 1-4pm!

Sooo…..who’s ready for some Beer tasting this Saturday? Join Morning X host Matt Bahan at Lil’ Beaver Brewery in Bloomington this Saturday November 5th, 1pm-4pm,, for the debut of the ‘Bahan Beers!’ Lil’ Beaver Brewery is located just off South Veterans Parkway, at 5 Finance Drive, in Bloomington! Matt and Chad at Lil’ Beaver Brewery have crafted the “Bahan Boombastic!” Cream Ale, and the “Rock Your Peach Off!” Cream Ale, TWO awesome new Beers, just for you to try this Saturday! Chad at Lil’ Beaver Brewery will have some other tasting surprises this Saturday as well, plus you have 40 additional Beers on tap! Matt has some X goodies, plus you can enjoy awesome food! Come enjoy the debut of the “Bahan Beers!” this Saturday at Lil’ Beaver Brewery in Bloomington! See you there, let’s Rock!