The 90’s And 80’s Memorial Day Weekend “Resurrection” Playlist Starts Friday at 6pm!

Hey X Rockers! Are you ready for the unofficial start to Summer? This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend, and as we have done in the past, we are teeing up our annual “Resurrection Playlist!” All 1990’s Grunge, Alternative, One-Hit Wonders, New Wave, Metal, Ska, Punk, Classic Alternative, Classic Metal, it’s all on shuffle this weekend! The “Resurrection” begins Friday May 27th at 6pm, and will continue until Midnight on Memorial Day Monday! Got a request??? Hit us up on Facebook, Instagram or Twittter! So, sit back, see some Family and Friends, fire up the Grill and let us be your soundtrack this weekend! Just grow a Goatee and fly the Flannel! Let’s Rock!