My Chemical Romance Wow Fans With First New Song In Eight Years, “The Foundations Of Decay”

So, X Peoria Rockers, are you a fan of My Chemical Romance??? Did you hit your teenage years loving this legendary Emo band? Did you see them years back, and did you fall into complete sadness when they broke up eight years ago? Well, don’t fret, the band is BACK! In 2019, the band announced some reunion shows, and then Covid hit. Everything screeched to a halt. Now, fast forward to 2022, not only has the band announced a massive tour, they have just dropped a new song, “The Foundations Of Decay.” The song is classic MCR, with a distorted guitar beginning, and then that signature core sound and chorus with Gerard Way leading the way. Check out the video below. Would you like to see these guys play Peoria? They will be at Riot Fest in Chicago on September 16th! Welcome back! Let’s Rock!