Crank The All 90’s And 80’s ‘Resurrection Playlist’ For New Year’s!

So, here we are. The end of 2021. Who’s ready for the launch of 2022?? Well, as you navigate with family, friends partying out and about, or just are hanging low this New Year’s, we have your Rock soundtrack here on the X! Beginning this Friday, New Year’s Eve, at Noon, and rolling loud and proud until Midnight on New Year’s Day, we are pounding out all 1990’s and 1980’s Rock for our annual “Resurrection Playlist!” Loads of Grunge, Metal, Alternative, New Wave, One Hit Wonders, Classic Alternative, Classic Metal, everything is on shuffle! So, as you make New Year’s resolutions, and wish for all things positive and better in 2022, let us provide your soundtrack here on the X! Happy New Year, X Fans, we appreciate you, the BEST Rock fans on the planet!