Skillet Releases New Single “Surviving The Game” Today!

Photo Credit: Jimmy Fontaine. Image provided and approved by Atlantic Records


Hey X Peoria Rockers, ready for new SKILLET??? I would think your answer would be YESSS! The multi-platinum and GRAMMY nominated band is back with a new single in well over a year, titled “Surviving The Game”, which has been released on Atlantic Records. The song debuts today on the X! The song is produced by longtime Rock producer Kevin Churko, who has headed up albums by Ozzy Osbourne, Papa Roach, and Disturbed, just to name a few. John Cooper of Skillet describes the new single as a ‘rally cry for the future and getting through tough times the world is and has been experiencing.” Skillet has certainly cemented themselves as one of the best live bands to Rock Peoria, and you X fans certainly dig this band! Check out the new single, and video. Let’s Rock Skillet!