L.A. Rockers ‘Dead Sara’ Wow The Rock World With New Single “Heroes”

Photo Credit: Eliot Lee Hazel. Photo provided and approved by Warner Records


Ready for some fresh Rock N’ Roll, X fans??? Los Angeles Rockers Dead Sara are wowing the Rock world with their new song, “Heroes”, which has just been released here in the last few days. Dead Sara is on Warner Records, and they have a new album set to be dropped on September 17th titled ‘Ain’t It Tragic.’ “Heroes” is an anthemic power punch to the gut, an instant “sing along” Rocker, that just gets you motivated in all of the right places! Check out the video below. Plenty of attitude here, Peoria kids! Dead Sara is led by guitarist and singer-songwriter Emily Armstrong, guitarist Siouxsie Medley who provides backing vocals, and drummer and programmer Sean Friday, who also co-produced the new album with collaborator Noah Shain. Something fresh, and invigorating, let’s Rock, Peoria! This….is Dead Sara!