Foo Fighters Invite Dave Chappelle On Stage To Sing “Creep” At Madison Square Garden!

Photo Credit: Danny Clinch. Photo approved and provided by Roswell Records/RCA Records


You know, sometimes, you can’t make this stuff up. Leave it to the world’s biggest band to do amazing things as they returned to the concert stage this past weekend. Yep, we’re talking about the almighty Foo Fighters, who stormed Madison Square Garden in New York for the first concert back in that famed building since the pandemic started. For you Peoria Foo Fans, this was certainly one of those amazing moments that has become custom for Dave Grohl and the Foo. They simply love to do fun stuff on stage. They invite other Rockers and artists on stage to play with them, pretty much on a regular basis. They do hilarious cover songs. Case in point last night.  Comedy legend Dave Chappelle was greeted on stage by Dave Grohl and the band, to the fully vaccinated sold out crowd. They played Radiohead’s “Creep”, and it was one for the ages! Check out the video! The Foo is back on stage, and it feels good!