New Rockers ‘All Good Things’ Creating A Summer Buzz On The X

Photo Credit: Travis Shinny. Photo provided and approved by 10th St. Entertainment/Better Noise Music


So, one thing is for sure in Peoria, Illinois with you rabid X Rock fans, you certainly love new bands, and you inquire about them passionately when we fire them up fresh and new on the X. This is one reason why you are the “Best” Rock fans on the planet! Case in point, there has been plenty of inquiry on the band All Good Things. Their new song, “For The Glory”, has been burning up the national charts, while grabbing your attention here in the River City. The band hails from Los Angeles, and they are very unique. Vocalist and guitarist Dan Murphy says the band, “Were just having fun writing and monster Rock songs that got us hyped, hoping they might get used in games and movies.” Well, that idea worked all too well.  All Good Things has been featured in thousands of TV shows, games, films, and ads worldwide. Then…their music started getting released online, increasing their fan base by the droves. “That’s when we said, ‘Wow, people are really into this'”, says guitarist Andrew Bojanic. “The music is inspirational and motivational”, adds Liz Harper, who plays bass, keyboards, and provides vocals. “Our fans kind of honed that whole aesthetic, theme and imagery with their feedback.” Well, one thing is for sure, you are digging it in the River City, and it’s playing in Peoria. ALL. GOOD. THINGS!  Enjoy Summer, as we navigate and crank new rock!