Happy Volbeat Day! World Premiere Of New Single “Wait A Minute, My Girl” On The X Today!

Image provided and approved by Q-Prime/Republic Records


Hey X Fans! So, here in Peoria, we absolutely love our friends in VOLBEAT! Today on the X, we are teeing up the new single, “Wait A Minute, My Girl” at 10am, and then will be cranking it up at the top of every hour, all day today, for our celebration of VOLBEAT DAY here on the X! This is the first new music from Volbeat since 2019’s ‘Rewind, Replay, Rebound.’ The new single channels an awesome throwback vibe, with one amazing catchy chorus, and that awesome thundering Volbeat sound. Volbeat will be back on the road this year as well in October at the Aftershock Festival. Peoria X Fans, enjoy Volbeat day, and let’s Rock!