Wolfgang Van Halen Showcases Himself Playing Every Instrument In Latest Video

Photo Credit: Travis Shinn. Photo approved and submitted by CO5 Music.


One of the nice surprises of this year has been the success of the debut album from Wolfgang Van Halen’s Mammoth WVH. He has exploded onto the Rock scene with immediate success, as his first single “Distance”, topped out at Number One on the Rock chart. The song was an emotional tribute to his Father, the late Edward Van Halen. The second single is titled “Don’t Back Down”, and it showcases Wolfgang playing all of the instruments, which he has done on this debut album on every track. The Dude plays Drums, Bass, Lead Guitar, and sings. Clearly, he is one talented guy.  In the new music video for the song, Wolfgang pokes fun at himself playing, well, himself, on all of the instruments, having conversations with…..himself. Fun video, great song! Wouldn’t it be great to have Wolfgang and Mammoth WVH play Peoria someday?? Check out the video!