The All 90’s And 80’s Resurrection Playlist Kicks Off Friday Night At 6pm!

Photo provided and approved by Matt Bahan


So, the unofficial kickoff to Summer begins this weekend for Memorial Day weekend, and here on the X, we are teeing up our annual “Resurrection Playlist.” Yep, this means a massive amount of 1990’s Grunge, Alternative, One Hit Wonders, Metal, along with New Wave, and awesome Rock from the 1980’s!  Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Sublime, Soundgarden, with Metallica, The Crue, Billy Idol, Red Hot Chili Peppers, the list is endless! All of that amazing music you grew up with, whether you graduated High School in your Doc Martens in 1997, or in the late 1980’s in your parachute pants! So, slide on that flannel, and fire up the grill, and crank us for Memorial Day Weekend!  The Resurrection Playlist begins this Friday May 28th at 6pm, and will continue until Midnight this Monday night, Memorial Day. And, as you roll thru this weekend, please remember those who gave their lives serving our Country in our United States Military, for Memorial Day 2021. Thank you for being the greatest Rock fans on the planet!