‘St. Practice Day’ Resurrection Weekend Begins This Friday At 6am!

Photo Credit: Matt Bahan. Photo submitted and approved by Matt Bahan


Welp, it’s finally here….March!!! This Winter has been one solid kick in the nuggets. Aside from the pandemic, which has been ongoing and stressful, we’ve endured freezing below zero temps, loads of snow, travel challenges, and just the plain no fun of Winter. Well, the weather has shifted, March is here, and we’re setting our sights on Spring! This Friday, March 5th, beginning at 6am, and continuing thru this Saturday night at Midnight-we are rolling out our ‘St. Practice Day’ Resurrection Weekend! Yep, time to get prepped for St. Patrick’s Day, and Spring! You see, we always tee up our ‘Resurrection’ playlist on St. Patrick’s Day, so, we thought we would use this first weekend of March to prep, organize, and slam home all 90’s and 80’s! Grunge, Alternative, New Wave, Metal, One Hit Wonders, Ska, Punk….it’s all on shuffle! Soo,,,let’s celebrate March, and Spring, Peoria X Rock fans! Want to help design the playlist??? Send your requests to ‘Bahan@1057thexrocks.com’, or chime in on our Facebook fan page. Time to stay positive, celebrate St. Pats, and Spring! Enjoy our ‘St. Practice Day’ Resurrection Weekend….Let’s Party!