Foo Fighters Cover The Bee-Gees “You Should Be Dancing” And It’s Outstanding!

Photo Credit: Danny Clinch. Photo provided and approved by Roswell Records/RCA Records


As we’ve stated for years on this station, we love Dave Grohl, and I’ve always described him as the “Ambassador Of Rock.” Well, he just might be the “Ambassador Of Dance” as well, as Dave and the almighty Foo have just covered the Bee-Gees and their awesome Disco dance anthem, “You Should Be Dancing.” The Foo have just dropped their new, dance themed and groove oriented album, ‘Medicine At Midnight’, so this makes some serious sense. Here in Peoria, we just love the Foo, you could say that they definitely ‘Play in Peoria!’ The band dropped this Disco nugget of joy on the BC Radio 2’s “Sofa Session with Jo Whiley” here this month, and Dave described the reasons for doing the song. The recent Bee-Gees HBO Documentary was the inspiration, and Dave also described the fact that he had never used his “Falsetto” voice, but he pulled it off in Rock-Star “Disco” Fashion. Check out the video here! Go forth and Dance, Peoria!