Foo Fighters Will Unleash New Album “Medicine At Midnight” On February 5th!

Photo Credit: Danny Clinch. Photo Provided and Approved by Roswell Records/RCA Records


The Foo Fighters are back, as their new single “Shame Shame” has been unleashed for all Rock fans to enjoy here in the last few weeks. We’re cranking it loudly on the X! Dave Grohl, as we proudly call our “Ambassador Of Rock” here in Peoria, has described their 10th studio album, “Medicine At Midnight”, as the ultimate “party album.” Grohl has been outspoken about “Medicine At Midnight” being an album that has been inspired by “Groove Oriented” Rock albums that he grew up listening to. Think David Bowie’s “Last Dance”, the Rolling Stones “Tattoo You”, or even the mid 1980’s Super Group, “The Power Station”, which featured members of Duran Duran with Rock crooner Robert Palmer. All of this sounds fantastic to me, those were all albums that I also listened to liberally as a kid growing up in Central Illinois. The new album will be released on February 5th, and the band will hopefully see the touring road again later in 2021, when we are all safe and ready. As you can imagine, we’re all kinds of excited here for the new Foo! More details soon!