Shinedown’s “Smith And Myers” Release New Single ‘Not Mad Enough’

Photo Credit Paris Visone. Photo provided and approved by Atlantic Records.


Here at the X, we love our guys in Shinedown. You love them as well, I’m assuming that you have caught one of their sold out shows here in Peoria atone of our ‘Spring Flings’ or one of our awesome Civic Center shows? Shinedown is a Multi-Platinum band, and we’ve been Rockin’ with them here on the X since day one.  Two of the core members of Shinedown, Brent Smith and Zach Myers have decided to move forward with their side project, “Smith And Myers”, and have dropped two songs in the process. The first single is titled “Not Mad Enough”, and it’s a passionate song about racial injustice. Smith and Myers have also released a re-imagined verion of the Neil Young classic “Rockin’ In The Free World”, as well. ‘Smith and Myers Volume One’ is set for release on October 9th with Atlantic Records. Yep, we’re excited here on the X! Brent Smith had the following to say, “We’ve spent a great deal of time and energy making sure this project is completely authentic. The main reason Smith & Myers exists has to do with the fans. A project that was born from multiple requests over the years has now evolved into its true identity. Make no mistake – it’s about the songs, it’s about the story, and above all it’s about the message,” says Brent Smith. Touche! Great news indeed, X Fans!