Remembering Jimi Hendrix On The 50th Anniversary Of His Passing


Image provided by Benztown

James Marshall Hendrix was perhaps the greatest guitarist to ever live. He is certainly the most creative, with a eye for being outrageous, loud, assertive, and sensual, all at once. Jimi Hendrix wowed millions with his ability. He stormed the Rock scene in 1967, after being discovered in New York by musician and friend Chas Chandler, who brought him to England to get produced. Jimi exploded in London in 1967, and then the United States and the remainder of the world immediately paid attention. His first two albums became staples of Rock, and those songs, “Purple Haze”, “Hey Joe”, and others, cemented Jimi as a major player on the Rock stage. He had the attention of Eric Clapton, The Beatles, and the entire world of Rock in the midst of the 1960’s. Jimi provided the soundtrack to our Vietnam veterans, to the youth of the world, he was a clear leader of the 1960’s music scene.  Hendrix was the immediate attraction at the Monterey Pop Festival, and then later on at Woodstock in 1969. His performance of the National Anthem was staggering. His cover of Bob Dylan’s “All Along The Watchtower” dazzles until this day, clearly the best version ever recorded.  His style, his swagger, was unmatched. Those licks, those songs, all legendary. It was 50 years ago this Friday, September 18th, that we lost Jimi, at the age of just 27. It was the first of many generational Rock stars that would leave us far too soon. We are celebrating the life of James Marshall Hendrix, on Friday, and this Saturday, here on 95-5, G-L-O. Two-Fers of Jimi will kick off each hour, from 9am-7pm, on Friday. I will also be teeing up Jimi on the Morning -X on 105-7-The-X, this Friday. A genius who is sorely missed, but still resonates and inspires to this day!