Metallica Moving Forward With Their Bourbon Brand Despite Hetfield Concerns

Photo Credit Herring-Herring
Photo Credit Herring-Herring. Photo/Image provided and approved by Q-Prime


Metallica is staying pat with their bourbon, despite James Hetfield’s alcohol addiction and recent stints in rehab. As you may recall, Metallica released their own whiskey, ‘Blackend’, two years ago. In a new interview, Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett told the Daily Star the following. “James struggle to get dry is a completely personal matter mentally and emotionally. The fact that we produce, bottle and sell alcohol is totally independent of this.” As you have heard,James returned to rehab last year to work on his recovery, which surprised many fans at the time. Metallica’s bourbon ‘Blackened’, has received positive reviews and is an obvious strong marketing concept. In other Metallica related news, rumors are swirling that they may be working on new Rock. God willing, in the midst of this pandemic, we see some new Rock from our Metal Gods in 2021! In the meantime, we have “S&M2”, which is fantastic. Rock!