Partner Up With Us And Lets Play In Peoria Together

Photo By 95.5 GLO/105.7 the X/Cumulus Media


I have officially lived in Peoria longer than any other city or state, Peoria is my home, I live and work here, I guess you can say I ‘Play in Peoria’. Peoria once was that perfect test market, because of its demographics and its Midwestern culture, and built a reputation for launching tours, shows, products and more. I believe Peoria is still that perfect place to launch success and even though so many of us are experience one of the most challenging situations right now, I full believe we can and will come out of this. Together!

Radio has always been there and I believe we always will be and we thrive by helping our community thrive. That’s why you will always hear us supporting great causes like St. Jude, blood drives, food bank support and so much more. Right now, we need each other now more than ever, so to all my fellow business owners and entrepreneurs, lets work together, let’s ‘Play In Peoria’ together.

Email me, or send me a message through my facebook page, lets connect and see how we can help each other thrive during this crazy time in our world. Mad love to ALL OF YOU, we couldn’t do what we do every day with out you and I hope we can continue to ROCK and PLAY for many more years to come.

~Anna Kinakde