My Grass Is Green But Now It Has To Be Mowed More

Photo By Radio Peoria


This summer I decided with all the free time from covid19 I was going to do more work on the OUTSIDE of my home. I actually enjoy decorating and designing the inside (juicy tidbit, before I got into radio I went to school for interior decorating) but the outside has never been my thing. I had some serious lawn envy going on with on of my friends yards and enlisted him for some assistance with mine. He gave me all sorts of helpful hints, which are totally working too! My grass is greener, growing much better and looks pretty nice.

However, I still hate working in the yard. Plus the more time I spend on it, I find there is more I want to do, like plant some stuff here, tear out some bushes there and well….I’m just not made for this. I hate it. I have zero pleasure in any of it. I’ve also always hated mowing and now I have to mow even more! Lawn care is just NOT my thing, but I still want a nice yard.

It’s 100% worth it to me to have someone do my lawn care and maintenance and maybe even some small landscaping projects. This is where you come in, spam me with your peeps! For real spam me with your people, my only request is that they are an actual company and business, no offense to side guys, I just haven’t had luck with them in the past. Side bonus if you do snow plowing in the winter…I have a LONG drive way and also despise shoveling as much as I do mowing. Side, side bonus, I can still clean up the doggie dookie buuut if ya do that too, well its a selling point fo’sho’!

Side note, are you a lawn care/landscaper? Do you work for one? Would you be interested in a partnership where we can work together and I can help you promote your business…then 100% inbox me now! Facebook or email

Thank you very…mulch (hahaha like what I did there?)

~Anna Kinkade