Billie Joe Armstrong Releases The Song “Amico” From Home!

Photo from Garrett Capone (Crush Music). Photo provided by Warner Music

Well, it’s pretty obvious that Billie Joe Armstrong is beyond motivated at his home base studio. This past Wednesday, he released the song “Amico”, a cover of the song by the artist Don Backy. Yep, another catchy, poppy, sing along song from the Rock and Roll Hall Of Famer.  Why is Billie Joe doing songs from home, well, he’s obviously motivated, and likely a bit stir crazy, like all of us. Billie Joe called this session the “No Fun Hump Day” session, since it was a Wednesday. He’s likely back with another song for “No Fun Mondays” as well. Giddy up, check it out, and enjoy Billie Joe! Rock!