“Ghosts” Nearly Ruined The Foo Fighters New Album, What?

Dave Grohl-Flickr-Ralph_PH1


Dave Grohl and the mighty FOO FIGHTERS have recently completed their new album. That, in itself, is quite exciting. However, apparently, the band witnessed some seriously strange happenings at their recording location. You see, the band recorded their new album in a house. The house was very old, and apparently, very haunted. They were holed up in Encino, California, and things got weird from the get go. Dave Grohl explains. “When we walked into that house…..I knew the vibes were definitely off but the sound was (effing) on.” And then, the strange happenings kicked in. Their guitars would be de-tuned between sessions, all their settings on the soundboard would go back to zero, their tracks would go missing, and some tracks they didn’t record would be there instead. Crazy stuff! Dave continued, “like weird open mic noises”, would appear. Weird, right?

The band setup a baby monitor camera to see if they could capture anything off, or anyone messing with them. Guess what?? They DID see things, and they can’t explain it at all. WTF?? Dave continued, “We found out about the history of the house, and I had to sign an (effing) non-disclosure agreement with the landlord because he’s trying to sell the place. So, I can’t give away what happened there.” Well, I don’t know about you, but this actually makes me that much more excited about this album! You agree?