AC/DC Prepping New Album For 2020?? That’s The Rumor!

Morning X with Matt Bahan
Morning X with Matt Bahan

The rumors are everywhere. For a band that is allegedly trying to keep a secret, there sure are plenty of signals pointing to a new AC/DC album and adventure in 2020. First, the band was seen taking a smoke break outside of a studio in Toronto last year. Second, Brian Johnson has more or less let is slip that he is indeed back in the band, after a tumultuous time with his hearing issues and departure from touring. Cliff Williams and Phil Rudd are both reportedly back in the fold. That’s note worthy, as both were out of the band recently. Williams said he was retiring, and Rudd went to jail four years ago in one crazy ass domestic personal case. Angus Young, meanwhile, has dealt with the personal loss of his Brother, best friend, and founding band mate, Malcom Young in the last five years. The band was certainly jolted by his loss. Malcom was the riff master, the writing genius of all of those guitar chords that he created with Angus. Those two together were the engine that fueled all things AC/DC.

So, now, here in 2020, AC/DC is “allegedly” ready to fire off again. The rumor is that they have plenty of material that Malcom created with Angus, and much of it not released. A new album of Malcom originals with Angus? With added vocals and a fresh AC/DC album?? That’s the rumor. Hair Metal Rocker Dee Snider told DJ Eddie Trunk this week that he had dinner with Brian Johnson. Apparently, Snider knows plenty. While not revealing everything, he did say the following: “He (Brian Johnson) told me a lot of stuff, and a lot of stuff that I don’t wanna say. But we know from the photos, and Brian confirmed it, they’ve been in the studio, they’ve been recording.”

So, all of this is good news. It all makes sense, a new album of original material, hopefully most of it created with Malcom. A tribute tour? a final tour? No one knows for sure, but, one thing is for sure. You CANNOT keep AC/DC down for long. Stay tuned for more! For those about to Rock, we salute you!