Nominate A Student Now For Bahan’s “Music Matters” Campaign With Flores Music!

Music Matters
Music Matters

It has become a right of passage for me here on the Morning X. Giving the gift of music, for the annual “Music Matters Campaign”, with our amazing friends and family at Flores Music in Peoria! Perhaps you are aware of this campaign, maybe you are hearing of this for the first time. Here’s how it works, I want to surprise deserving students with instruments on Christmas Eve, a chance for students, ages 6 to 18, to get a guitar, and learn the gift of music! Do you know of a student on hard times? A child perhaps in your own family? A child you are aware of-it could be a relative, a child in your Church, youth group, or someone you know who’s family doesn’t have the means to provide a guitar for their child. There are legions of deserving students who would love to have that chance to get a guitar this Christmas, but we just need to know who they are. TELL US THEIR STORY! Let us know who they are. We just need YOU!

Please nominate a deserving student, ages 6 to 18, who is experiencing hard times, tell me their story. Please be detailed. Let me know your connection to them. Please submit the information here, and do it today. I am taking submissions until December 20th, 2019. This year, we have multiple amazing guitars to give a deserving child! This includes new guitars-like a Fender Malibu Classic, a Yamaha RevStar, and a Yamaha RS 720! This year, we also have donated electric guitars and bass guitars, so we can surprise a total of SEVEN students! SO….please nominate a deserving TODAY! On Christmas Eve, we will surprise the students with the instruments, at Flores Music, on War Drive in Peoria!   A HUGE THANK YOU TO FLORES MUSIC IN PEORIA! Thank you in advance, and Merry Christmas!

-Matt Bahan

The Morning X

Thank you to everyone who submitted for Music Matters! We will be going through each submission and will be contacting the recipients soon. Happy holidays!!!