Spring Fling Artist Incubus Announce 20 years of Make Yourself

Photo Provided By Incubus


Spring Fling headliner Incubus is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of their breakthrough album Make Yourself this fall! The album was released on October 26th, 1999 an the band recently announced a fall tour in celebration of that album, however there is no official word if they will be performing the album in its entirety which has been kinda a thing with bands lately. And a GREAT thing may I add.

Incubus is my #1, yes even before Jared and Thirty Seconds, there was Brandon Boyd and Incubus, doubt me…my dog, his name is Boyd….

Whenever I get asked the “If you could only listen to one album” questions, the answer is always, and without hesitation, Make Yourself. Funny but true story, the first song I remember hearing from that album was ‘Drive’ and I hated it. No really, I hated it and for a silly ass reason too. At the time I was still working for, see if you remember this, 98.5 The Party! HA! Remember? Anywho, I didn’t like that this rock/alternative song was playing on Top 40 I didn’t think it belonged…but then it kinda grew on me. Yeah I was an idiot. The song that really got me to take notice tho was ‘Stellar’ and still to this day is my favorite Incubus song. I just think its a great love song, and what girl doesn’t love an epic love song?


Make Yourself really is an amazing album start to finish, I legit LOVE every single song on it yes even Battlestar Scralatchtica! My next pick of the album I love, and this is in no particular order (but Stellar is my #1) is ‘The Warmth’. The reason I love this song can be summed up in one simple line from the chorus “not everyone here is that fucked up and cold”. That’s a line that just rings so true in today’s world, I feel like we see that dark, ugly fucked up side of people WAY to much these days but the truth is NOT EVERY IS THAT FUCKED UP! I know, I’ve met a lot of you and you are so freaking bad ass in your own way. Experience the warmth!

Next gotta go with the title track. Here’s what I love about music, what everyone takes from a song is their own. What it means to me, may mean something different to you. This tune just reminds me to always be a bad ass. You have control over you.


To wrap up my favorites list, come on now, you know I am NOT going to say ‘Pardon Me’ because it’s a great fricken song!


Beyond excited for Incubus to headline DAY TWO of Spring Fling. I hope to see you at the show, get your tickets here.

~Anna Kinkade