Be The 5 O’Clock Freakout Rockstar Of The Day [DETAILS]


This is your radio station and it’s all about YOU and I want to play your favorite tunes…TUNES…not just “one” favorite song, I want to play more of your favorites all hour long.

Love something new? Something old? Love the same band and alllll their songs?

Stuck working from home? Tired of Staying In Place? Let’s break it up with your favorite music!

Say hello to the “Rockstar of the Day”…that’s YOU!  You can be the “Rockstar of the Day and I’ll play a minimum of three of your favorite tunes throughout the hour, during the 5 O’clock Freak out, so it’s truly YOUR playlist! Sound good?  Sweet! Below you’ll see a form, fill it out and hit submit, that’s it.

  • Be sure to pick a list of 5-10 songs/bands.
  • I’m sorry but I don’t have rarities and b-sides, and although you love this super underground band that only you and few select friends know about, chances of me having it and getting access to it is slim to none. I can’t just grab a song off of youtube and play it on the radio. I know there is a long, boring drawn out explanation to this, but I’m not an engineer and don’t have the answer, but if you HAVE to have it…send me an email, I’ll get you in contact with ours and he’ll explain. Also, engineers are weird, be prepared to have a 5 hour conversation or read a novel for your answer.
  • Don’t just submit ONE song, that’s a simple request, call or message us online for that, I want a PLAYLIST!!!

~Anna Kinkade

5 O'Clock Freakout Rockstar Request Of The Day!

Let Anna Kinkade know what YOU want to hear during the 5 O'Clock Freakout! Get your request in here!